Writing Services

After graduating with a B.A. in Organizational Communication and minors in marketing and management, I have come to understand how research can shape this world, and how words can define perspective.

I worked as a research assistant for 3 years during college and thoroughly enjoyed providing students and professors with information that could help them with their studies and publications. My skills since have carried over into being a dedicated research for my own enjoyment and professionally.

Here are a few writing services that I provide. If you are interested in my writing services or want to work with me, please send a message through my contact me page.

Article Writing

I am dedicated to well researched articles that make a difference. With publications within the Northwest Communication Association, I am well informed about academic communities and current research surrounding an array of fields.

With intentional research, we can make a difference in this world and impact the lives for future generations. Whether you need help with a dissertation, or working on a publication, I would be happy to assist you in your research.


I have been an avid blogger for three years now. What started out as a travel blog for families and friends, soon became a way of life. I currently work with Running Stats as a Content Producer, in which I manage topics to be published as well as do content writing and image searching.

Blogging is more than just sharing a story or fact, it is about shaping how people interact with the internet. I believe in well researched blogs that give readers accurate information about the field and how to help themselves battle and conquer challenges of every day life.

If you are interested in having me guest blog, or be a writer for your site, I would be glad to come along side your organization and develop great content for your followers.

Editing, Proofreading, and Rewriting

As a writer, I naturally edit and rewrite my own material. I have a key sense for details, spaces, spellings, and various other unusual typos. English is my native language and I have a good understanding of sentence structure and how to restructure words for a clearer understanding.

I have had the pleasure of editing dissertations, articles, blogs, and academic publications. If you need someone who is quick with the english language and can help your piece get published, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

Marketing and Branding a Story

Branding a story is an important part of today’s marketing world. With an understanding of the power of stories, I am dedicated to helping your company brand a story that generations of people can connect with.

I am passionate about telling stories that help connect people to better living. Consider working alongside me to create a story that will withstand the test of time.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a part of good business, and good story telling. I have written creative stories since I was a child and have always loved writing to help others understand life in different ways.

With unique perspective, a talent for writing, and a passion for well communicated stories, I am more than happy to help with your creative writing piece.

Writing As a Way of Life

Writing is my way of life, and I am passionate about helping others communicate their company, brand, or story well. From academic research to creative writing pieces, I am dedicated to giving thought out words that can make a difference.

Thank you for having the time to visit my writing services page. I hope to hear from you soon!