Research Methods

Research is the behind-the-scenes of any project, and requires a sleuthing around to truly uncover the needed information to make a project successful.

Drawing upon research I have delved into and past experience, I can assess how to go about approaching your project with the best insight I can uncover. Every project takes a different approach, depending on the type of niche you are a part of, and the target market you are trying to reach.

The Art of Research

When it comes to taking on a project, you may be wondering what my approach is to research. After three years of working as a research assistant at a university library, I discovered how many people waste time looking for information in the wrong way.

Power of Google

Most overthink how they are approaching the research behind a topic. Your most powerful tool is Google, the ultimate search engine. Yet, there are certain ways to use Google to your advantage.

  • Use niche community keywords
  • Find market influencers
  • Discover common phrases and SEO tactics for your article
  • Research behind the “why”
  • Be Creative to find experts in the field
  • Double check facts and sources

Google is a valuable tool, but it takes certain ways of phrasing your search to find the exact information you’re looking for. Remember, not all information you come across is going to be correct. Cross-referencing is an important aspect to researching, and is absolutely necessary in every project.

Trust Your Gut

If a website looks off to you, you’re probably right. Some sites can be content mills that spew out information in an unusual fashion. Sites that contain an overload of advertisements, have an abundance of grammar errors, and have off-putting colors should never be used as a reference in a project.

Trust your gut to know the difference between a trustworthy site that will benefit your project, and know how bad information can extremely hurt your brand.

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Use Free or Low-Cost Tools

There are many sites that let you start out with a free account to test out their services. I highly recommend using programs like Buzzsumo, EpicBeat, Ocktopost, or a program similar to it to achieve your social media goals, as well as understand the influencers in your market. From creative writing to high-end businesses, using programs online can help you achieve your goals.

That is just a little insight into the methods behind researching for a project. To find out more, or how I can help your project feel free to email at