Research is an understanding of the world. Whether it is researching what to cook for dinner, or researching for a social cause, it is a way to gain perspective and understanding.

I am most passionate about social justice in the Communication academic field. My last publication revolved around how to teach social justice through an introductory Communication course. I have since been doing research for another publication about how media shapes the way we understand social justice issues.

Hands On Research

In 2014, I did an internship in the great country of Thailand where I had the privilege of handing out humans rights surveys. My time in Thailand taught me how many stories and injustices get pushed aside. As I worked alongside a non-profit organization, I learned that many villagers were unaware of their rights as citizens. I suddenly understood the need for accurate research and the spread of information to help people live better lives.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to be a mentor in an alternative middle school, where I had the opportunity to mentor a student by teaching them new ways to communicate with family and friends. During my time there, we conducted research on how communication skills can help children achieve better in school. I learned the value of investing in children’s education as well as how they communicate with the world will shape their future.


Latest Research

My latest research has been with Running Stats, which is a site for the modern day runner. I created content that helps people run injury free and advice that can guide them to healthier living. As a runner myself, I always made sure that the information was relevant and accurate. It has since launched me to be a guest blogger for countless fitness and health related blogs and websites.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a Content Producer for Running Stats, as it taught me the impact of internet information, and how we need more research concerning athlete response to injury recovery and prevention.


As a freelancer I am always open to new opportunities for writing. I have been a guest blogger for sites, a writer for health and beauty sites, as well as have helped brands communicate their story.

Each project I take on is with integrity and diligence. The more clients I work with, the more I am able to broaden my skills and learn more about the freelance writing industry. Each project is unique, which gives me the opportunity to develop original, educational, and inspiring copy that communicates impact upon reader communities.

Future Research

In the future I intend to go to graduate school for Intercultural Communication. I have a heart to help communities that are less heard due to cultural barriers. I aspire to work in the research field on how to better communicate with communities to create a more unified and understanding world.

For now, I work on my writing skills and try to stay up to date with current research within several different fields of study.