Research Projects

Research projects are a part of my educational upbringing, as well as an important aspect of being a writer. If you’re curious to know more about my research project history, there is something vital that you should know.

I Research Everyday

Sound a bit strange?

Think for a moment how you process and take in information.

IMG_3764Some people choose to observe little aspects, while some piece together observations all day. I happen to be an observer, who takes notes of every little thing to find connections.

Not only connections in my every day world, but also connections for potential projects to be even more successful.

Since I was little, I was always observing things about the world, but it was not until I was living in Thailand that I fully realized how observation and research could impact communities, businesses, and individuals in such a powerful way.

To dive into my research background, take a look at my past projects.

Importance of Hands-on Research

In 2014, I was an intern at The Mekong Minority Foundation near Chiang Rai, Thailand. As an intern I put in valuable input of how research on non-profit organizations is changing how NGOs are able to market themselves for better support. I was a part of hands-on research of handing out human rights surveys to discover how organizations can communicate better with tribal communities.

Reading facts and figures are one aspect of research, but being a part of it in person brings a different level of understanding. Many villages were unaware of their rights as citizens, which revealed to me how important it is to connect with the people you are trying to reach out and help. I came to understand the need for accurate research and the importance of information that can benefit lives for the better.


Past Projects

Communication Research Field

With a degree in Organizational Communication, I have had the honor to be a part of several research projects and publications.

One of the first pieces to be published on an academic level is titled The Effect of Iconicity of Childhood Innocence When Advertising a Social Cause, which was featured at the Northwest Communication Association Conference.

To follow a year later I worked alongside Professor Kevin Jones on a chapter in Teaching From the Heart: Critical Communication Pedagogy in the Communication Classroom (First Edition).

Beyond working on several of my own communication research projects, I have also edited and proofread countless dissertations and theses to help the wording and research be accurate for graduate students.


Health and Fitness Niche

I have worked very closely with the health fitness niche, which involved a great deal of diving into accurate research. There are many fitness sites circulating on the internet, which is why it is key in remaining honest, accurate, and precise with facts and details when it comes to the health of others.

I worked closely with a company called Running Stats, in which I wrote articles that carefully cross-referenced for accurate information to help the modern day runner. I curated content that was designed to help people run injury free.

Working with Running Stats has since launched me to be a guest blogger for countless fitness and health-related blogs and websites.


Follow the links below to articles featured on sites related to the health and fitness industry:

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Featured In: Running Hills the Ultimate Guide

Being a Content Producer for Running Stats, I curated content lists, incorporated keywords, and researched key influencers in the industry to benefit the target market. In my research, I learned the impact of internet information, and how we need more in-depth research concerning athlete response to injury recovery and prevention.

Beauty, Relationships, and Dating

As a freelancer, I am always open to new opportunities for writing. I have been a guest blogger and a ghostwriter for countless websites that have involved beauty, relationships, and dating. I have helped brands define their voice and communicate their story in a specific way to gain customer trust.

I have also been published in Elephant Journal for my personal essays about what it means to be in love, and what to do when friendships and relationships are not always what they seem to be.

Love is Not what we Think

You Were a Dream

How to Heal When a Friend Abandons Us

Each project I take on is with integrity and diligence. Each project is unique, which gives me the opportunity to develop original, educational, and inspiring copy that communicates to readers on a personal level.

Travel Writing


I started my first blog while I was living abroad in Thailand, and it was from Bethany Jane Travels that brought upon the idea of freelancing.

I started in the travel niche, and know many inside tracks into writing about travel and being authentic in one’s writing.

I have been featured on the shortlist for Travelex’s Next Great Travel Writer for my story A Home to Return To, which is about my time living in a rural village in Thailand.

Travel writing is no longer about where to go, but it is about the journey of traveling. Tips and tricks about how to cheaply travel are the latest craze, which I have personally experienced before I ever wrote about it.

From traveling in a van across 30 National Parks in the United States in a year to living out of a backpack across Ireland and Scotland, I know the ins and outs of minimal living for experiential travel.

Travel writing is a part of who I am, and is something I continue in my personal and professional writing.

Future Research

Future research depends on you!

If any of my work has interested you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In future endeavors, I have grand aspirations to go to graduate school for Intercultural Communication, to increase my skills and understanding of working with global communities.

I am a believer in living an authentic life, and have a heart for working alongside companies that have social justice as a part of their ethical beliefs.

In the meantime, I work on many different types of writing and editing projects, as well as stay up to date with current research on an array of topics.


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