Health and Wellness Portfolio

Find What Moves Your Audience

The health and wellness niche is one where people want to be motivated by advice and inspiration to lead healthier living. From in-depth articles to motivational social media content, I have worked with projects ranging from local gyms to online brands that are looking to assist individuals and companies to lead better lives.

Check out some of my work with Let’s Go Fitness in Dunedin, New Zealand here, or read some of my past work in the articles below.

Injury Prevention and Treatment

Hidden Secrets to Prevent Injury and Heal Faster: Part One

Hidden Secrets to Prevent Injury and Heal Faster: Part Two

Runner’s Knee Guide Part 1: Causes of Injury and Symptoms

Runner’s Knee Treatment: How to Strengthen The Knee to Avoid Re-injury

Shin Splint Symptoms: A Guide To Recovery And Avoiding Re-Injury

6 Exercises To Treat Shin Splints

Top 7 Most Common Running Injuries that Affects Runners

Why Yoga Helps You Run Better

How to Prevent & Treat Chafing

Shoe Guides and Influencers

25 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

15 Ways To Prevent Blisters From Your Running Shoes

12 Best Places to Buy Running Shoes

Why Your Running Shoes Are Expensive 

This Simple Lacing Tip Will Save Your Feet From Blisters

Top 20 Runners on Instagram Share Their Favorite Running Shoe

10 Twitter Running Influencers Share Their Favorite Running Shoe

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Running Socks

12 Best Running Shoes For Women

7 Things to Know When Buying New Running Shoes

Hydration and Dehydration

How Dehydration Changes Your Running Performance

7 Best Hydration Packs For Running

6 Hydration Secrets That Will Improve Your Performance

8 Myths of Hydration That Are Just Plain Misleading

Running Form

15 Ways To Achieve A Proper Running Form

Running Plans

How to Start Running: A Beginner’s Plan

10 Ways to Get Back Into Running

12 Tips for More Efficient Running

How to Train for a Half Marathon

Run a Marathon in One Year: A Training Schedule For Beginner Runners

The Family Olympics Challenge


15 Smoothie Recipes You Have to Try

Nutritional Guide For Beginner Runners

Running Safety

7 Ways to Stay Safe While Running

7 Ways to Help You Run in the Cold


Run Fast Eat Slow: A Review

Guest Posts

7 Common Running Injuries

Why Picking the Right Running Shoes is So Important

Getting Past Your Limitations

How to Improve Your Running Performance

Common Running Injuries You Can Avoid

Challenge Yourself in Every Run

How You Walk Affects Your Feet

How the Right Shoe Can Lead to Better Athlete Performance

How Massage Therapy Can Prevent Injury

How Coffee Helps You Run

A Guide For Recovery After Race Day

Simple Tricks to Improve Your Ultra Marathon Time

How Running Can Change Perspective

Featured In: Running Hills the Ultimate Guide

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