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Editorial Calendars

Wondering where to start when producing content that is optimized for your site and target audience?

Creating content lists can be daunting without the right tools and organization necessary to efficiently create an editorial calendar that works for your business.

When taking on a new project, I assess your site for optimal keywords, potential market influencers, and SEO tactics that can help you create and maintain an authoritative voice in your niche.

With a mix of professional market experience and expert copywriter tactics, I can help you manage your content for converting site traffic to dedicated customers.

Article Research and Writing

Looking for articles that impact readers in a meaningful way? 

Google favors quality content that is more than just fluff content. When it comes to converting traffic or academic perspective, articles should be positioned in a way that is positively persuasive.

With a background in library research tactics and in-depth ways to find quality information, I can assist you in forming an article that is more than just words on a page.

I enjoy the challenge of doing intentional research for an array of article topics and niche categories that reach a range of target audiences and readers.

Interested in learning more about this process? Check out my research portfolio, or contact me directly.

Blog Posts

Curious why your blog posts are not gaining traffic?

People are fatigued by too much intake of content in a day. Blog posts are specifically susceptible to less traffic due to the lack of informative integrity.

With three years of experience in the business, I have carefully calculated how people interact with blogs and what keeps them returning.

If you’re wondering how to convert casual readers to dedicated subscribers, then consider looking at the depth of your content and what kind of consistent message you are trying to convey.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk!

Editing, Proofreading, and Rewriting

Editing is a pain, but it doesn’t have to be!

Editing is usually most people’s least favorite activity. I used to dislike it myself, but now I recognize the need for editing content. One spelling error or grammatical mistake can set content up for failure and lack of authority.

I look for the usual spelling mistakes and typos, but I also go deeper into how your content will affect potential readers. Whether it is an academic piece or business document, editing is incredibly important for you to maintain integrity.

I have edited website content, dissertations, articles, blog posts, academic publications, and business product descriptions.

Editing is more than the words, it is what you are communicating.

Contact me if you need help clarifying your content through editorial precision.

Marketing Your Brand

Everyone’s talking about it, but what does marketing your brand mean?

Marketing your brand is about communicating effectively what you stand for. People want to follow companies that have sustainable ideas and a dedicated belief in their ideals and ideas about life.

Conveying a consistent message takes an eye for detail and understanding how audiences react and understanding marketing messages. In the age of content fatigue, it is vital for a company to recognize how their content resonates with their target audience.

People want to follow honest brands that know who they are. With an intentional display through media outlets, you can achieve your visional intent for a thriving business.

Connect with me to learn more about the process of marketing your brand effectively.

Biography Writing

Are you seeking to convey an experience or your life story? 

Biography writing is about your story. Not everyone feels equipped to write their own story in a way that connects to people in the way they envision.

If you are seeking to have your life conveyed through the written word, let me help you achieve your goal.

Through a list of questions about your life and your story, we can work together to craft a beautiful piece that you can feel proud to share with the world.

Wondering how to get started? Send me an email and we can talk more about how to transform your life into the written word.

Creative Non-Fiction Writing

How can you create a non-fiction narrative with impact?

Creative writing should be used in every piece of copywriting work. From persuasive web copy to enticing social media posts, it is important to channel creative ways to bring people to a new perspective.

When approaching non-fiction writing, take careful consideration of the facts you are portraying in your narrative. Readers will notice clarity and flow, which means the words need to reflect a consistent message.

Whether you are creating a non-fiction publication, or are looking for a creative business copy, let me help you positively shape minds for the future of tomorrow.

Creative Fiction Writing

Do you have a fiction story idea in mind, but not sure how to write it?

Creative fiction writing is about the balance of the real and the fantastical. Many authors will tell you secrets to writing through courses, but creative fiction writing takes the story you already know.

Write what you know. What people can connect to.

If you have a story idea or are looking for help in crafting stories that engage readers in a meaningful way, let me guide you through the process of channeling creativity.

Contact me to learn more about working together!

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