Freelance Services

Content Producing

Wondering where to start when producing content that is optimized for your site and your target audience?

Creating content lists can be daunting without the right tools and organization necessary to efficiently create a content board that works for your business. When taking on a new project, I assess your site for optimal keywords, potential market influencers, and SEO tactics that can direct traffic towards your site.

With a mix of using tools like Buzzsumo, Trello, WordPress, and Google, I can manage your content needs by producing a content calendar that matches up blog posts with social media outlets to guide your business to better success.

Article and Blog Writing

There are many articles and blog posts scattered across the internet, but the ones that stand out the most are ones that dive deep to educate with accurate research, inform with attentive wording, and inspire with personal stories.

Studies reveal that those who take the time to craft articles and blogs that grab a reader’s attention with precision to detail and accurate understanding, the more likely your site is able to achieve continual traffic.

I enjoy the challenge of doing intentional research for an array of article topics that reach a range of target audiences. My past experiences have steered me predominately to the health and wellness industry, but also towards articles and blogs pertaining to relationships, writing careers, and travel. You can dive deeper into my past work by visiting my portfolio.

Editing, Proofreading, and Rewriting

Editing, proofreading, and rewriting takes an attentive eye for detail. From spaces, spellings, and unusual typos, it takes some reevaluating your material to truly make it the best it can be. English is my native language and I have a keen sense for sentence structure and how to restructure words for a clearer understanding.

I have tackled on projects of editing dissertations, theses, articles, blogs, and academic publications. Every site needs a good editor who understands the flow of the english language, as well as the impact in the meanings of words. With tactful understanding of the wordsmith industry, I can help your words reach the point of precision for publication.

Marketing Your Brand

Marketing your brand is an important part for any journey online. Marketing is no longer just about persuasive language, but it also includes the importance of a precise and captivating narrative.

Stories are what have guided human history, which is why brands that can accurately communicate their story and connect to an audience are the ones that have the most success. Differentiating your brand against other competitors takes skill in creatively navigating the marketplace with consistency.

People want to know that your brand is honest in their tactics, and gives back to society in some way. With an intentional display over social media outlets and consistency in your brand voice, you can achieve your vision of intent for a business that thrives.

Creative Writing

Creative writing not only reveals itself in business copy, but it also shines through the art of short stories, biographies, and everyday Facebook posts. Crafting words to share a particular emotion or cause takes dedication to the art of language.

Creative stories, whether they are non-fiction or fiction, captivate audiences to listen more intently, and to reflect back on their own learning journey. Words do not always flow how businesses or storytellers intend for them to, which is why it is important to have the right writer meet your needs for the intended message of your narrative.

Writing a story is not just about the words, it is about the feeling that is left with the reader afterwards. Creative writing allows unique insight into how words can shape feelings, understanding, and the way people interact. With each story I take on, I attentively listen for the intended message, and create a story that communicates the intended voice.