About Me

As a professional copywriter for over seven years, I’ve seen the industry ebb and flow at the whims of change. As a collective we have adapted to new platforms, shifted the context of our strategies based on the moods of others, and have lived through unprecedented world events that continue to ripple through every industry.

Every article, every post, and every description of a product delivers impact on the human experience. The question is, are the words making a difference for your business? Your customers? Your investors? Your community?

My background leans on the research behind Organizational Communication, but my experience has lent itself to the notion that many people are looking for connection, integrity, and value. The key is creating meaningful stories that represent your brand and deliver your promise to the audience you serve. People want to believe in what you do. My specialty is in connecting your vision to reality with content that holds clarity and carries emotive messaging with impact.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually writing, and when I’m not doing that, I’m nestled in a valley that follows the braided rivers to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. I have lived many lifetimes in rural communities in Canada to the open shores of my home state of Oregon, and every story has led to unforeseen opportunities that cascade into one another to create who I am today.

I am a writer, a filmmaker, and an adventurer that cares about people’s experience, enough so, I designed an entire career around the idea of bringing stories to life.

What impact are you looking to create? Whether you need assistance in improving your pitch decks, want to create more inviting website content and articles, or want to write down your life story, I am here to support every step, hiccup, and leap.

Together, we can create visionary content that embraces experience and delivers value.

From a writer and her cup of coffee,

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