About Me

I started out with humble beginnings in a suburban town just outside of Portland, Oregon. From a young age, I was dazzled by stories and the places that the written word could take me. I continually walked around with a book in front of my face, always trying to grasp a new story for my brain to figure out.

I was lucky enough to be noticed by teachers who saw my dedication for reading and writing. As a young kid in elementary school, I was entered into writing contests and festivals that further brought the grand stories created in my head to the forefront of a blank page.

For years it was simply a hobby, until I graduated university with only ideas of what I could do with my future. Facing a pending diagnosis of a breast tumor, I was challenged to make a choice for myself. I could either live in pattern with everyone else and join the 8-5 crew, or I could live life in the way that met my needs and my ambitions.

Even with a joyous return on test results of a benign tumor and months of recovery, I still could feel my life on the edge. I always had a heart for travel, a love for communication, and a passion for writing. In the months to follow my surgery, I dived into all three aspects of my being that has now guided me to five years of offering my freelance services.

As a writer, I know the ups and downs of creativity, the uncertainty of pending projects, and the looming clock of a lifetime well lived. I choose to give every project my absolute best, because it deserves to. This life is far too short to not give it our absolute best.

I now reside in the cultural hub of Dunedin, New Zealand. I enjoy a good cup of black tea in the morning, and a strong coffee in the afternoon. I see life as a series of stories, a collection of seasons, and a beautiful narrative if we choose it to be. Every day is a gift, so why not do what we love?


Interested in following my journey or learning more about me?

Send an email to bethanyjanewrites@gmail.com, and of course feel free to follow me on Facebook, or Instagram.