Introducing The Narrative Series

What is a Narrative and Why is it Important?

Take a moment to think about what the word narrative means to you. When faced with the term, people often think of fiction stories. They dive into once upon a time beginnings, one with princesses and knights fighting something evil in an imaginary land.

However, a narrative is a series of events, fictitious or real. In every language, in every origin idea of existence, we have created the art of the narrative through the way we communicate. In the academic field of communication, it is otherwise known as homo narrans. The idea of seeing humans as storytellers.

books-1245690_1920We develop our own meanings for narratives and how they apply to our lives. Whether the narrative is what we have been taught to believe growing up, or it is one we have prescribed to in our later years, it is stories that shape our ideas about the world and who we are in it.

Narratives are what guide our life, and our future. We speak in stories about our day, our own past, and of our dreams ahead. By knowing our own narrative, we can help connect to the narratives of others, and the history that deserves a place in the books.

The Narrative Series

In my upcoming The Narratives Series, I am diving into the art of the narrative in a few ways:

Narratives apply to every single person in this world. Whether you are running a PR campaign, reaching out to social media outlets, or are simply trying to understand a life story, narratives are key to achieving a better understanding of the world.

Be a Part of the Narrative

Come join the journey by following through email updates and getting the latest from Bethany Jane Writes!

Feel free to come and participate in the dialogue during the series to communicate your ideas and thoughts about how narratives develop in your own life. From one storyteller to another, all ideas and perspectives are welcome.

Keep an eye out for a sneak peek coming soon!

coffee-2511065_1920p.s. Does this series interest you? Consider supporting the arts through PayPal by sending it to All proceeds go towards supporting the production of this series for the continuation of creating valuable content!





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