The Importance of the Written Word and What To Look Out For

The importance of the written word not only swirls in history, but it breathes life into how we perceive the world today.

History books are often written by the winner, while the accounts of the oppressed are erased by time. We can only view the written word by what is preserved for our eyes to see and for our minds to discern what really happened behind closed doors.

Having lived overseas to experience firsthand the unspoken history of many lives, it occurred to me the importance of the written word. More importantly, the unwritten stories about the people living under a corrupted government’s rule.

Living History

We are living history, and what you write matters. The common saying of what you put into the world is what you will receive applies to every political rhetoric that you seek to share and partake in.

We live in a time of history that will make a mark on the United States and how foreign relations will interact in the future. The political happenings of the past two weeks are terrifying for many, and affect people in one way or another. We all know someone who may lose health insurance, their visa, or their chance for a better life.

As a whole, society is not immune to tragedy. There are times in history where the people may be quiet, but now, the people are crying, shouting, and calling out for change.

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What To Look Out For

In the age of information, it can be hard to decipher what this piece of history will teach us. What we will teach our children and grandchildren about this time in our lives. The history books will share one thing, but we may know another reality.

It is important that with all the information floating around, we need to know what to be aware of. Before you decide to share an angry article about politics, keep these things in mind.

Know the Source

Anyone can create a domain and start sharing content on it. If one has enough money, you can use enough ads to gain traffic on your site to gain even more money. Thus, the birth of fake news channels.

Always check the source of the article you are reading. A news outlet cannot be completely objective, but most stations do their best to convey both sides of the argument. A good source will share the background behind the story and have articles backing it up. Many channels will do video sequences or talks with an expert to keep you accurately informed.

Read the Language

If the language is harsh or uses fowl language, chances are it is not a valid news source. Opinion pieces tend to use strong language, but are not intended to be an accurate source of information. They are simply voicing their opinion through a site.

Read the language and understand what the article is trying to tell you. People often skim through articles and react to it before the author has a chance to finish sharing the information. When you pay attention to the language, you will be able to tell if the article is informative to help you understand the situation.


Be Discerning

Trust your gut and be discerning about the information you intake through the internet. There are articles, videos, opinion pieces, and comments that all seek to sway your opinion. Stay informed and on your guard in order to filter through the muck and make informed conclusions about what is happening.

In school they teach you how to be critical and decipher information. The same applies in the real world. Be cautious, aware, and discern fact from alternative fact.

Take Action

Now more than ever, is a time to shape your words into action. Keep yourself educated about what is happening and take action. Whether that is signing a petition, participating in a protest, or calling your senator, you have the power to make positive change.

The written word will make its mark on this time in history, and your words have the chance to make a difference. Keep the dialogue up for change and only share things that will inspire people to take action.

The importance of the written word is in your hands, so be sure to know what to look out for and how to instill positive change for a better future.

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