Where In the World is Bethany Jane

I was born and raised near Portland, Oregon, but currently reside in Dunedin, New Zealand. My ambition is to be a guide for the stories people want to tell. Whether that is building a brand, or writing a life story, the language we use to share in a world inoculated with information is important. Where in the world are you?

Unlock the Key to Content

As people, we often get transfixed with the idea that there is one right or wrong way to do something. As a content writer and manager for over 5 years, I can promise you there is no set of rules to this game. Each brand and individual identifies with a message that matters to them. My goal is to help your message be heard.

Content Management

I design, write, and implement content that matches your brand’s style and needs. Using the magical gift of Canva and my years as a copywriter, I transform your vision to a tangible connection with your audience. Want to learn more? Contact me here.

Biography Writing

Everything we do and speak about has to do with a story. We feel connected to other stories through the emotion of who we are as people. My passion is to help your story be heard. I have worked with people in all walks of life who all have incredible stories to tell in their lifetime. If you are interested in having your life story be put into written word, let’s discuss further.


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Excellent to have on your team, if you are looking for a person for a important task, don’t hesitate.

Job: Description Article

Bethany came into my services and helped me very quickly! She is very eager to work and her communication skills are amazing! Highly recommend her! Great at academic research! Thank you for your hard work!

Job: Literature Review