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Creating visionary works of copy

Behind every word is an emotion and meaning that we attach to its place in the world. When it comes to creating words that create movement, develop stories, and motivate audiences, it starts with something simple. Your vision. My role is to help your vision come to life through visionary works of copy that shift words beyond the page.

Content Writing

Content writing begins with a vision and ends with a feeling. When you connect the needs of your audience to the actionable vision behind your brand, you can cultivate clearer communication avenues for better results. 

Learn how professional research and copywriting can transform your brand.

What type of content does your brand need to succeed?

Editing and Content Management

Have you ever had a piece of content published and panic when you see that the final print includes a mistake?

Every piece of copy created is a reflection of your brand, which is why editing is vital to the pulse of your vision. Keep your brand safe with expert editing that guides vision and drives connection.

Get in touch to see how the right editing can expand brand integrity.

Brand Kits

A Brand Kit is the road map for your brand. It includes everything from your incredible brand vision to the milestones you seek to reach in the future.

Complete with a style guide, it encompasses the whole picture with logo design, specific fonts, and tone of language used to reach your target audience.

Message to see what this could look like for your brand! 

Content is about connection. If you can create that synergy with your ideal audience, then your brand has the power to succeed.

Bethany Jane Writes

About Bethany Jane Writes

Bethany Jane is a writer by nature and and a content specialist by trade. With five years in the industry, she guides brand vision for grand ideas to come to fruition.

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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, but often lives on the shores of New Zealand or can be found in coffee shops across the world.

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